Groundwork USA Network

Groundwork USA and our national network of Trusts share a mission and a common approach. 

Groundwork USA provides a national model, informed by best practices and research. Groundwork Trusts tailor the approach to the unique needs of small- to medium-sized cities, neighborhoods, and rural communities across the US, working hand-in-hand with local residents, government officials, and business owners.

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  • GW Erie
  • GW Mobile County, AL
  • GW Northeast Revitalization Group, KS
  • GW Southcoast, MA
  • GW Atlanta
  • GW Bridgeport
  • GW Buffalo
  • GW Ohio River Valley
  • GW Denver
  • GW Elizabeth
  • GW Hudson Valley
  • GW Indianapolis
  • GW Jacksonville
  • GW Lawrence
  • GW Milwaukee
  • GW New Orleans
  • GW Rhode Island
  • GW Richmond, CA
  • GW Richmond, VA
  • GW San Diego-Chollas Creek
  • GW Somerville

What is a Groundwork “Trust”?

In the US, Groundwork Trusts are independent 501c3 nonprofit entities established by local stakeholders in communities struggling with environmental, economic, and social decline. The Groundwork model originated in the United Kingdom, where a not-for-profit charity is referred to as a “Trust.”

As the model has been adapted in the US, Groundwork Trusts act as trusted intermediaries between local government and neighborhood residents, engendering in communities the more commonly understood definition of the word “trust”: the trait of believing in the reliability and honesty of others.