State of the Network Report

Groundwork USA is a national network with deep local roots. Groundwork Trusts do incredible work revitalizing and leading change within their communities and collectively redefine opportunities for the future of environmental justice. The annual State of the Network report celebrates all that we have accomplished together.


We know that if we want our work to be sustainable, we need to think beyond changing places and changing lives; our success depends on our ability to change systems. By anchoring our work at the intersection of people, places, and systems, we address the root causes of harm and build a future where resident leadership is the norm, not the exception. Our commitment to centering interconnectedness has been the foundation of success this year.

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2022: Groundbreaking Transformations 

The past year has been a groundbreaking moment of growth for the Groundwork Network with the expansion of projects, partnerships, and collaborations across the country. While the threats to the planet and our communities are real and increasingly urgent, we know that impactful solutions exist to mitigate harm and help neighborhoods thrive. Our achievements in the past year have shown that with united effort and strong community guidance, groundbreaking change is not only possible but already in progress.

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2021: views from the crossroads 

During a year of seemingly relentless news about environmental, racial, and social injustices, it is increasingly apparent that we are at a crossroads as a nation. The Groundwork network’s progress offers a look at the future that’s possible when we invest deeply in frontline communities to undo the legacy of environmental harms and co-create more resilient neighborhoods. We can meaningfully move the needle toward environmental justice when we recognize that our collective impact is so much greater than just the sum of our parts. 

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2020: Connection, Community, Change 

A commitment to creating a more just, equitable, and resilient world is at the heart of who we are as a network. For over two decades we have made significant strides against social and environmental inequities by working hand-in-hand with community members to define and create a more just future. The pandemic added a new level of urgency to this work. Through the nimbleness, creativity, and passion of our network, we stepped even more fully into our mission to meet this moment. Despite the hurdles and challenges of 2020, the Groundwork network has emerged stronger, more deeply connected, and more committed to justice than ever before.

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