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Groundwork USA is committed to promoting equity and environmental justice in land reuse initiatives. Through our Nonprofit Brownfields Assistance Program, we work with nonprofits of all sizes to help integrate land reuse strategies into their mission-centered work and advance equitable brownfield projects that transform underutilized spaces into parks, trails, urban farms, and other community assets.

Whether you are new to the brownfields process or looking to fine-tune your approach, we want to help make your equity-driven project a success!


Through our Nonprofit Brownfields Assistance Program, we can help you:
A community park in Lawrence, MA

Understand and Navigate the Brownfields Reuse Process

We can help you understand the brownfield revitalization process and learn how land reuse projects align with your nonprofit’s mission and community goals.

Incorporate Equitable Development Principles & Best Practices 

We can help you integrate equity and environmental justice best practices into every phase of your project—from planning to construction and programming.

Build Partnerships and Inclusive Engagement Strategies

We can help you craft strategies to engage diverse stakeholders, build relationships with local entities, and form coalitions to advocate for land reuse priorities. 

Manage Brownfield Site Risks and Challenges 

We can help you conduct comprehensive environmental assessments, collaborate with regulatory agencies to navigate institutional restrictions, and effectively manage site risks during redevelopment.

Navigate The Funding Landscape

We can help you identify diverse funding sources, form strategic partnerships, and analyze progress metrics to ensure ongoing financial support.

program success stories

“In 2021, the East Canfield Village neighborhood experienced flooding due to the breakdown of the municipal sewer system. Groundwork USA researched and provided a framework of methods that our community could adopt to deal with rainwater overflow and activating vacant alleyways. Canfield Consortium’s partnership with Groundwork USA built capacity for our organization and supported our growth as environmental advocates for the development of a healthy and thriving East Canfield Village neighborhood.”

“The community stakeholders of Paris, Kentucky, began working towards the goal of closing down an existing incinerator and transfer station in the West Side Neighborhoods of Paris. Beginning in 2021, Groundwork USA served as a trusted convening resource for us. Thanks to the work of Groundwork USA, our community is now better organized, resourced, and energized by the myriad partnerships coming to the aid of our community.”

Our PROGRAM Services 

Technical Assistance 

Our technical assistance team offers *free* customized strategy, tools, and peer support for those in brownfield-affected communities seeking a more inclusive planning and redevelopment agenda in which everyone can prosper. Whether you’re looking to run your ideas by an expert or want long-term support as you develop your strategy, we can help!

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Coming Soon: Starting in the Fall of 2024, our technical assistance team will offer two opportunities to elevate your skills and strategy for brownfield land reuse: The Coaching Cohorts and one-on-one technical assistance.

Free Workshops & Webinars 

Our lineup of engaging webinars and workshops is designed to meet the unique needs of your nonprofit or community-based organizations. Our Brownfield Curious webinars will guide you in understanding the brownfield reuse process and how to meet community priorities. The Non-profit Speaker Series showcases diverse leaders sharing successful brownfield redevelopment projects, and the Skills-Oriented Workshops offer topic-specific training on integrating environmental justice and equitable development into brownfield reuse projects.

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Equitable Development Resource Hub 

Looking for some ready to implement tools and guidance? Our resource hub includes best practices, case studies, videos, and how-to guides for every stage of your project.

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