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Nonprofit Finance Director | Groundwork Northeast Revitalization Group (Kansas City, KS)

$72,000 Annually

The Finance Director at Groundwork Northeast Revitalization Group (GWNRG) will oversee organization-wide budget creation, lead research and decision making related to financial strategy for the organization, train program coordinators on developing program budgets, and oversee the monthly expense reporting process. GWNRG is a 501c3 environmental justice organization. We disrupt systems of capitalism, racism, and present-day colonialism and push for local sovereignty over food, land, economy, and cultural celebration. We are unique from many other nonprofits; we are implementing a cooperative leadership model for our organizational structure, and we are explicit in our critique of white supremacy culture. We expect to grow our full time staff from 8 to 12 employees in 2023, and our part time staff from 4 to 10. Our current annual revenue is approximately $1 million; we expect that this will increase by $700,000 in 2023.

Groundwork USA is an equal opportunity employer, committed to maintaining and growing a diverse team, and an anti-racist organization committed to doing business in keeping with core values of relevance, equity, diversity, and inclusion.