Groundwork Southcoast, MA


Maura Valdez
Executive Director


1285 Acushnet Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02746

What We're Working On

Riverside Park Resilience District
Groundwork Southcoast's Green Team is helping to transform Riverside Park into a climate-resilient waterfront escape for community members.

Riverside Park Resilience District

Using funding from the Climate Preparedness and Land Restoration Grant, Groundwork Southcoast is completing its Riverside Resilience Zone. A Resilience Zone is a defined area that, due to current and historical environmental harms and socio-economic challenges, is disproportionately vulnerable to negative climate and public health impacts. Groundwork Southcoast works with residents to identify the unique needs of each Zone and pursue multiple complementary projects to address resident concerns. With this grant, they will increase tree canopy coverage, install a stormwater garden with native vegetation, and rebuild the riverbank to transform Riverside Park into a climate-resilient waterfront escape for community members. In order to make these changes, Groundwork staff is training Green Team youth to install the projects and carry out the public engagement strategy. These three Riverside Resilience Zone projects complement Groundwork Southcoast’s existing projects in the North End Resilience District including the Riverside Urban Farm and Community Garden, which both increase permeable surfaces and residents’ access to culturally relevant fresh produce. The funding will also allow Groundwork Southcoast to carry out additional green infrastructure projects: installing a stormwater garden in Island Park, which is located in an area heavily flooded during major storms; launching the Acushnet Heights Resilience Zone to restore brownfield sites through tree planting and native habitat green infrastructure; and working with the State of Massachusetts to plant 600 trees in the North End Resilience District to help reach the goal of planting 1,251 trees by the end of 2024.