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Community Meetings for Busy People
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This document is for busy people who are looking for a high-level introduction to justice-focused community engagement. You should be able to review this (and answer the embedded questions) in about 15 minutes. This is not a stand-alone document; it’s an introduction to planning a series of successful community events and should be used to spark a discussion with people you’re working with, and with your Groundwork USA Brownfield Equitable Development Technical Assistance Provider. This introduction will help you to:

Download Community Meetings for Busy People Guide
  • Empower Community to Advocate for Change (Residents make final decision, residents are trained in self-advocacy, residents steer decision-making process)

  • Collect Information and Ideas/Build Consensus (Surveys, community mapping, and prioritization, informal conversations, voting for an idea)

  • Inform/Educate the Community About Issues and Opportunities (Fact sheets, presentations, expert lectures, fliers, websites)