Technical Assistance Services


You’ve come to the right place! Through our equitable development and environmental justice technical assistance program, we offer a wide range of support services to the people leading land reuse efforts in brownfields-affected communities across the country. Our services are designed to meet the diverse need of practitioners whether you are generally interested in best practices, stuck on a specific problem, or are seeking more hands on guidance. The best part – all of our services are free!

What Services Do We Provide? 

Direct Assistance 

Our technical assistance team offers *free* customized strategy, tools, and peer support for those in brownfield-affected communities seeking a more inclusive planning and redevelopment agenda in which everyone can prosper.

We provide coaching and support based on self-identified needs as they relate to:

  • Integrating equity and environmental justice into all phases of brownfield redevelopment process.
  • Enhancing community involvement in brownfield reuse.
  • Establishing shared leadership and decision-making models.
  • Setting, evaluating, and communicating progress on environmental justice and equitable development goals.
  • Community resilience in the face of climate change.
  • Using area-wide maps to develop land reuse strategy that prioritizes community need.

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Free Workshops & Trainings 

Looking to tune up on specific skills? Our free workshops and trainings build capacity for implementing equitable development and environmental justice principles into brownfields projects. We run a variety of workshops on topics such as the fundamentals of equitable development, setting and evaluating environmental justice goals, supporting long-term engagement with a broad coalition of stakeholders, and other topics.

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Resource Hub 

Looking for some ready to implement tools and guidance? Our resource hub includes best practices, case studies, videos, and how-to guides for every stage of your project.

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