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Groundwork USA is committed to promoting equity and environmental justice in all that we do. Through our technical assistance, we work with clients to provide the support and guidance to foster inclusive community engagement strategies, advise on site activation approaches, assist in the development of partnerships with local and regional leaders, coach leaders to enact changes that benefit their communities, and much more! We can help you with:

  • Building equity and environmental justice into all phases of the brownfield redevelopment process.
  • Designing a community engagement strategy.
  • Vision building and implementing shared leadership models.
  • Setting, evaluating, and communicating progress on environmental justice and equitable development goals.
  • Integrating climate and community resilience into brownfield redevelopment plans.
  • And, so much more.

This service is 100% free! Fill out the intake form to let us know more about your project and what type of assistance you need. A member of our TA team will be in touch shortly to schedule an introductory call!

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