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Groundwork USA Welcomes Four New Team Members
June 14, 2024 | |

We’re thrilled to share that the Groundwork USA community is continuing to grow! Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our four phenomenal new team members – Christy, Meg, Tanner, and Page!

We have some exciting new projects and programs planned for the second half of the year. This incredible team will bring their skills, experiences, and passions to help us launch these new efforts and expand our impact in the years to come.

Meet Our New Team Members!

Christy Fierros, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst 

In a new role on our Climate, Land, and Water team, Christy brings her extensive expertise in GIS and storytelling to our urban forestry efforts. In the coming years, she’ll be collaborating with our network to track and measure the impact of their tree equity efforts – putting powerful geospatial resources into the hands of frontline communities.

“I’m thrilled to join Groundwork USA because ever since I was a young girl, I had a vision that I was going to use my curiosity and love for nature to help heal the Earth.” – Christy

Meg Morgan, Senior Manager of Urban Forestry Programs

Meg is bringing her deep experience in community forestry to help Groundwork Trusts create, expand, and strengthen their urban forestry initiatives. Meg joins us after previously working at the Cumberland River Compact on community-centered, partnership-driven urban forestry projects. In the coming years, she’ll collaborate with Trusts to deepen urban forestry efforts that advance community stewardship, workforce development, and the equitable distribution of trees.

“I’m so excited to join the Groundwork USA team, where communities are leading the way towards a greener future. Trees provide benefits that improve our lives, and building excellent urban forestry programs founded on grassroots community engagement is an amazing opportunity to strengthen neighborhoods where trees are needed the most,” – Meg

Tanner Yess, Chief Youth and Workforce Officer

Young people are at the heart of what we do. Having led one of the largest youth workforce programs in the nation as the co-executive Director at Groundwork Ohio River Valley, we’re thrilled to have Tanner join Groundwork USA to support the expansion of youth and workforce programs across the Network.

“​​I’ve been dreaming of this position for the past 11 years since joining Groundwork as a Youth Leader. Growing up, I was a “Groundwork Kid” before Groundwork existed. My dad introduced me to National Parks and taught me that I belonged there. That’s a big deal for a brown kid coming up in the outdoor industry. To partner on programming that recreates this experience for our youth is a dream come true!” – Tanner

Page Barningham, Director of Grants Administration

Page brings her deep expertise in grant management to expand the capacity of our Network to access federal environmental and climate justice funding. In her new role, we’ll work with Groundwork staff and partners to implement effective grant management practices.

“I’m excited to join Groundwork because working with our neighbors to improve the places where we live, work, and play has been part of my life’s work.” – Page

As we continue to grow as a team, we are stronger and more prepared to tackle this critical work. Help us welcome these four leaders to the Groundwork family!