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Five Simple Yet Impactful Ways to Love Where You Live
April 16, 2024 | |

Our parks, waterways, green spaces, and tree canopy work hard every day to keep us healthy! They provide clean air and water, shade and cooling on hot days, absorb stormwater, and boost our overall mental and physical well-being. But let’s face it, we don’t always show nature the same love that it shows us. With climate change ramping up, we’re dealing with more flooding, extreme heat, and increased pollution, especially in dense urban areas where green spaces are more challenging to create and even harder to maintain. The good news is that making a difference is easier than you think – there are many simple ways to pitch in right in your neighborhood.

Check out these five simple actions anyone can take to build a more resilient future.

Join Your Community for Spring Cleaning

Keeping our planet clean is a team effort! Sign up for local river, beach, and neighborhood clean-ups to prevent litter from entering urban waterways and polluting green spaces. These efforts protect our drinking water, recreational areas, native species, and wildlife habitats.

“I’m showing love and appreciation for where I live by signing up for my community’s annual Trash Bash. I have such a blast every year with my friends and neighbors removing litter from local parks and waterways.” – Theresa



Create Your Own Green Oasis

You don’t need much space to create a personal green retreat. Whether growing in garden beds or small containers on your stoop, planting native flowers or your own mini-garden can provide essential habitat for local wildlife, support pollinators, and add beauty to your porch, stairs, or yard.

“I’m showing love and appreciation for where I live by tending my front yard on a street that has very little greenery. My urban front yard is just 15 ft by 8ft, but it’s home to an array of flowers, plants, insects, rabbits, and wild turkeys!” – Cate


Rethink Your Relationship to Water

There are many low-cost ways to improve your relationship with water while still caring for your green spaces. Planting native plants or installing rain gardens can reduce localized flooding and stormwater runoff, while using rain barrels can reduce water demand and keep your gardens alive during hot, dry summer days.

Check out our resource on climate change and urban waters for more ideas!



Get Outdoors

Venturing outdoors lifts our spirits, deepens our connection with nature, and inspires a sense of responsibility to care for it. When we prioritize environmental care and protection, it draws support from other stakeholders capable of funding more green spaces for the community. It’s a win-win for everyone!

“I’m showing love and appreciation for where I live by enjoying and connecting with local urban waters. Our urban waterways are vital to our environment and well-being. They provide habitat for wildlife, recreational opportunities for communities, and contribute to healthier ecosystems.” – Heather


Advocate for Your Environment

Our green spaces need champions! There are so many different ways to use your voice to advocate for the maintenance of existing spaces and the creation of new green spaces. From showing up at community meetings and public hearings to writing letters to policymakers, every action counts.

“I’m showing love and appreciation for where I live by voting for candidates in local, state, and federal elections who prioritize climate action. Politicians play a huge part in determining what our communities look like, and I want my representatives to care about environmental protection as much as I do.” – Rebecca


Loving where you live isn’t just a feeling; it’s a call to action. Embracing these five simple yet impactful ways to care for our communities and the environment brings us closer to nature and inspires a sense of responsibility to protect it. When we join forces, even the smallest actions can make a big difference. Green spaces blossom, communities flourish, and the planet thrives. Want to see what others are doing to love where they live? Check out our Earth Month Wall for inspiration and join the movement!