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The Real Estate Development Process Map
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Groundwork USA’s equitable development planning team developed this interactive tool to help our clients establish a common understanding of the real estate development process among their community stakeholders.

Greater community familiarity with how built projects come to fruition can help facilitate an inclusive vision for equitable development outcomes and shared leadership of negotiations and advocacy efforts at key moments throughout the redevelopment process. By using this tool to build local capacity, local stakeholders can better ensure that new neighborhood projects and development investments will indeed create a cascade of economic opportunity accessible to all.

To best suit different learning styles, the Real Estate Development Process Map is available in four formats:

  • An interactive Prezi, which walks users through the Development Process Map. Please allow time for Prezi content to load.

  • A video of the Prezi presentation (43 minutes):

  • A narrative script that zooms into details highlighted in the Prezi presentation and video, and
  • An enlargeable graphic:
Groundwork USA Real Estate Development Process Map
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