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Creating a Resource and Stakeholder List for Your Community
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To effectively advocate for a climate resilience or land reuse investment, you must begin by identifying who needs to be part of the solution, what motivates them to be part of the solution, and what resources are available to implement your solution.

This planning exercise and worksheet are designed to help guide you through the creation of a comprehensive list of people and institutions you’ll need to engage to address environmental concerns and think strategically about why those stakeholders should care about these issues.

The exercise guides you to think about:

  • Who or what is impacted;
  • Which institutions are likely to work with those who will be impacted; and
  • Which specific people (either those who are impacted, or those who work with said institutions) you should consider reaching out to when engaging the community.

This resource was designed in the context of climate resilience, however, it can be easily translated to any land use or environmental justice effort.