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Building Institutional Knowledge to Support Community Revitalization
Planning & Strategy Development |

The brownfield land reuse journey can take years to complete, and in that time, stakeholders, staff, and government officials can rotate in and out of the process, resulting in poor continuity of community voice and environmental justice goals.

In this workshop, we provide guidance for combatting the loss of institutional knowledge that can cause land reuse projects to stagnate. Workshop participants will leave well-versed in the strategies and best practices that work to maintain momentum as well as the ability to develop clear, organized, and shareable materials that keep important information and equity goals front and center over time.

We’ll be joined by guest speakers, Sally Baker of Philmont Beautification Inc. and Jonathan Phillips from Groundwork Elizabeth to share how they have built and maintained institutional knowledge in brownfield land reuse projects in their communities.


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Thank you to the EPA Brownfields and Land Revitalization program for providing grant funding to support Groundwork USA’s brownfields and equitable development technical assistance program.