River Rally

Presented by: River Rally

May 17-20, 2021 

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Groundwork Trusts will be presenting at three different workshops during River Rally.

Leaders to Learners Environmental Justice Literacy Curriculum

Through engagement with interactive activities from Groundwork USA’s Learners to Leaders: EJ Literacy Curriculum, participants will build their own Water Justice Timeline, and learn directly from youth who are using environmental justice literacy to transform neglected waterways.


  • Neambe Leadon, Groundwork Denver
  • Maria Brodine, Groundwork USA

River Rally: Keep the Gulf Clean: A Regional Collaborative to Promote Trash Free Watersheds

Groundwork Trusts use an innovative approach to address environmental issues, starting with how human communities, especially urban and underserved communities, experience environmental neglect, contamination, and isolation on the front lines. They then work to establish a long-term presence, elevate community priorities, and ensure that participants and stakeholders receive direct benefits from the work.


  • Todd Reynolds, Groundwork New Orleans
  • Megan Davis, Groundwork Dallas
  • Barja Wilson, Groundwork Mobile County

River Rally: Leadership, Stewardship, and Community Engagement: Concretizing the Green Team Model

Since launching in 2017, Groundwork Southcoast’s Green Team, who are youth employees that do hands-on work in and adjacent to our urban waters, has had an impressive retention rate of over 90%. This workshop is designed to share the work of evaluating and concretizing the model.


  • Maura Ramsey, Groundwork Southcoast