Redevelopment that Works for Everyone: Shared Leadership and Innovative Solutions

DATE Wednesday, December 11, 2019

TIME: 3:30 PM Pacific

LOCATION: Brownfields 2019: Sustainable Communities Start Here — Los Angeles, CA


DESCRIPTION: Everyone agrees something needs to be done with that derelict brownfield property, but what? Who gets to decide? What are the elements that will ensure that a brownfield project is a catalyzing force for revitalization and not another idea that never comes to fruition, or worse, a concept that is out-right rejected by the community? This panel will spotlight examples of shared leadership between community groups and local government that foster, and institutionally support, community decision-making.

PANELISTS: Drew Wilson (City of Fresno, California) and Allison Smith (Louisville Metro Government). Moderated by Stacey Moran, Operations Director, Groundwork USA