Motivating Local Action To Mitigate Climate Threats and Build Resilience

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering &  Medicine 
May 25, 2021 | 1:45 – 2:45 ET 

Whether addressing current hazard challenges or making investments in community and social infrastructure, communities need information that they can use and apply for making decisions and investments that ensure the safety and resilience of their residents, community, and economy over the long term. To translate climate science and data to local action that addresses climate challenges, communities need to bridge available climate science and data to local impacts and opportunities for action. Such bridging requires understanding different risk perceptions and values, the history and impacts of historical inequities, and available local capabilities and assets. Investing in hazard mitigation and resilience for climate and other threats requires tradeoffs between short- and long-term challenges and opportunities. Hazard mitigation and climate adaptation actions available to communities reacting to recent or ongoing climate impacts may differ from those available to address future challenges.

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