Greater & Greener 2019: Funding Parks and Green Infrastructure in Low-Income Communities

Join Groundwork USA Executive Director Stephen Burrington and Groundwork Lawrence Deputy Director Lesly Melendez for a panel on Funding Parks and Green Infrastructure in Low-Income Communities at Greater & Greener 2019.

In this session, participants will learn about a range of strategies for funding capital, operating, and programming for parks and green infrastructure in low-income communities, with an eye towards mitigating green gentrification in high-growth cities and identifying viable strategies to leverage resources in low-growth cities.

The Urban Institute, Groundwork USA, and City Parks Alliance will also share the results of their joint national research on funding parks and green infrastructure in low-income communities. Presenters will share examples of the successful application of those strategies in cities around the country, including insights, strategies, and lessons learned from on-the-ground projects in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

When: July 23, 2019, 11:15am – 12:30pm

Where: Denver, CO

Conference Details and Registration: Greater & Greener 2019: Exploring Natural Connections

Greater & Greener, an international urban parks conference presented by City Parks Alliance, explores how urban parks can be designed, developed, programmed, funded, and sustained to meet increasing city demands. By expanding the discussion to new audiences and emphasizing the relevance of urban parks to engage leaders from across sectors, Greater & Greener aims to inspire reimagining of parks in a broad new context of economic, environmental, and social opportunities.