Brownfield Curious: Understanding the Brownfield Reuse Process and Timeline

Brownfield Curious: Understanding the Brownfield Reuse Process and Timeline

Date: August 13th, 2024

Time: 2 pm ET | 11 am PT

Looking to tackle your first land reuse project and wondering how to get started? Overwhelmed by all the differing information available online? Join us for a high-level overview of the land transformation process! During this webinar, experts at the Center for Creative Land Recycling will break down the stages of the process and guide you through the entire land revitalization journey—from the planning to the celebratory ribbon cutting on your new community asset. In this webinar, attendees will gain an understanding of:

✅ The different stages of the land reuse process and key stakeholders for each stage.

✅ Common brownfield challenges and how to navigate them.

✅ Different types of funding and technical assistance available to support your work

✅ How to advocate for revitalization projects in your community

Whether you’re with a non-profit, a small municipality, or a community group, if you’re ready to transform potential into sustainable development, this webinar is for you!

Our Brownfield Curious webinars are designed specifically for people who are new to land revitalization work. In these sessions, we demystify jargon and acronyms, anchor conversations in real-world examples, and provide the tools and resources you need to get started! If you are curious about the potential benefits of land reuse projects or in the early stages of your first project, these sessions are for you–no prior experience necessary!