GW New Orleans Wins $100K Grant to Expand Green Infrastructure Across City

June 16th, 2014

Groundwork New Orleans has been promoting and building green infrastructure projects in the City of New Orleans over the last few years, in particular through its Earth Lab project. In a lot adjacent to the Healing Center on St Claude Avenue in the Marigny, it has installed knolls and dips to form a “bioswale,” a modified ditch that holds rainwater for short periods while water-loving plants filter it as it soaks into the ground. Groundwork uses the lot to teach alternative approaches to water management.

With this new grant of $100,000 from the City’s Sewerage & Water Board, Groundwork New Orleans will expand its footprint in the City by building a similar site called the ‘Lower9 Earth Lab’ at the corner of Caffin Avenue and North Prieur Street. Read all about it here.

GWUSA & NPS HIghlight Inspiring Groundwork Youth Across the Country

June 12th, 2014

Groundwork Trusts from across the U.S. nominated seven youth for in-depth profiles that explore their passion and their commitment to the community and the natural environment around them, and highlight their growth as inspiring leaders and aspiring environmental professionals. Read about these incredible Groundwork youth and their journeys in these one-page stories:

Bogans 2013

Shay Ross 2013

Sheena Conn 2013

Wilkins Lugo 2013

Rene Garcia 2013

Diego Contreras 2013

GW Dona Ana, GW Anacostia and GW USA: Named Under 21 CSC’s 100 Projects to Restore America

June 12th, 2014

The Partnership for a 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, a diverse group of private, public, and nonprofit partners announced a list of “100 Projects to Restore America” at an Aspen Institute-sponsored summit in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Friday. The 100 projects showcase the variety of work being completed this year non-profits across the country, and includes Groundwork USA’s Yellowstone Program, Groundwork Doña Ana’s Xeriscape Las Cruces and Groundwork Anacostia’s Urban Archeology Corps, projects that will restore vital ecological habitat and train youth in the skills and experience to become the next great generation of American conservation and community leaders. Congratulations to Groundwork Dona Ana and Anacostia, and to the Groundwork network!

GW Hudson Valley Expands Teaching on Hands-on Agricultural Study

June 12th, 2014

GW Hudson Valley is strengthening its collaboration wit Gorton High School’s Agriscience Pathway to provide hands-on agricultural study. Check out the story and video here.

GW Somerville Part of City’s Food Production and Distribution Triangle

June 10th, 2014

The City of Somerville’s Urban Ag program has grown and expanded through State grant and community partnerships, an expansion of South Street Farm, and the creation of the Somerville Innovation Farm. Read more about it here at the Somerville Times.

The expansion of South Street Farm is an example of a successful partnership across Somerville’s public, private and nonprofit sectors,” said Chris Mancini, Excecutive Director of Groundwork Somerville. “It would have been impossible without the enthusiastic participation of everyone involved, and the funding from the Urban Ag grants. The results are two thriving urban oases providing food for the community, education for students and jobs for youth. Groundwork is proud to be stewards of South Street Farm and to work for Somerville youth, with Shape Up Somerville program and STEM Garden Institute to get food and education into people’s minds and mouths.”

GW Portland Questions McDonald’s Coming into East Portland

June 4th, 2014

Here’s a great story about Groundwork Portland rallying East Portland residents around a common vision for their neighborhood that doesn’t include yet another McDonald’s. A quick and inspiring read!

One Day at Groundwork, with Groundwork Denver!

June 3rd, 2014

Check out this cool video, One Day with Groundwork Denver. This is part of a TV Series and Geo-tagged archive featuring stories that matter most to people in the community, a historic film project that gives people the power to tell their unique story and show the world what a day in the life of their city is like—through their eyes.

Additionally, this project will result in a TV series on the future of American cities that will feature select captured footage and run on local PBS affiliates. To learn more about the project, click here.

Secretary Sally Jewell highlights GW Denver’s Youth Projects on Public Lands

May 27th, 2014 Secretary Sally Jewell highlights GW Denver’s Youth Projects on Public Lands

Sally Jewell w GW Denver GT 2014Th Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell was in Commerce City, CO, on Thursday May 22nd, to announce the Obama administration’s plan to help fund a $6.7 million initiative to hire young adults and veterans to work on public lands. The project to be funded at Arsenal Refuge that she highlighted will include 38 positions through Groundwork Denver to work on habitat for bison and prairie dogs.

Speaking at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge, Jewell said the grant will help fund 43 projects around the country as part of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps. Most of the money will come through private grants, but the federal government will also contribute $1.9 million. “Through our partnership with Groundwork Denver and other organizations in communities across the country, we can leverage our federal investments with private support to help young adults learn new skills and gain great job experience while giving back to the community,” Jewell said.

Pictured above is Secretary Jewell with the awesome Groundwork Denver Green Team; at left is Sally Jewell at the ceremony, and bottom left, working with Groundwork Green Team member, Makalah.

Please click here for the full article.

Groundwork Anacostia hosts youth from Nepal!

May 27th, 2014 Groundwork Anacostia hosts youth from Nepal!

Groundwork Anacostia Green Team hosts youth from Nepal, as part of its involvement in the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) USA. The Nepal Team 2014 joins Groundwork Anacostia Green Team youth here at the Kenilworth Park Bandalong Litter Trap.

Governor Patrick Announces $2.75 million investment for a new Public Park in Lawrence, MA

May 27th, 2014 Governor Patrick Announces $2.75 million investment for a new Public Park in Lawrence, MA

Green Team member and Lawrence High School student, Rosa, pictured at left, introduced Governor Deval Patrick to a group of community leaders, local politicians and residents packed into Chester’s in Lawrence yesterday. Remarking on the Governor’s support of various projects in Lawrence, Rosa said, “By making an investment in the city, he made an investment in me, and I plan to use that opportunity to the fullest.”

In his remarks, Governor Patrick announced a $2.75 million investment to help create a public park at the Ferrous Site in Lawrence–located at the confluence of North Canal, and the Spicket and Merrimack Rivers. The City of Lawrence and Groundwork Lawrence will be managing this exciting new project in partnership.

Click here to view event press release.

Click here to view article in Eagle Tribune.