GWUSA Urges DOI and “Let’s Move” to Prioritize LWCF Dollars for New Parks

June 19th, 2013

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) protects valuable parks and public lands and creates outdoor recreation opportunities for families across the country. LWCF also provides matching grants to local communities (many of which are Groundwork communities) looking to combat childhood obesity by increasing the number of safe places for kid to walk and play outside. These matching grants can be used to build playgrounds, ball fields, bike paths and other quality outdoor recreation opportunities that are close to home, open to the public and accessible to all.

Unfortunately, although hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties are paid into LWCF each year by energy companies drilling for gas and oil off-shore, Congress diverts nearly all of this money to other purposes, dramatically impacting efforts to build safe places for kids to get outside.

Groundwork USA has signed a letter to the First Lady and Interior Secretary Jewell asking them to make LWCF a priority of the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative. We want both of these leaders to urge Congress to fully and permanently fund LWCF because it’s a valuable resource for communities to use in creating better access to the great outdoors, and in the fight against childhood obesity.

President Obama Talks Groundwork – In Northern Ireland!

May 22nd, 2013

President Obama was in Belfast this week, and in a speech at the Waterfront Hall on June 17th 2013, talks about the Alexandra Park interface in north Belfast, where a peace gate has been inserted to allow residents to enjoy the park in its entirety. Groundwork Northern Ireland’s Director Sylvia Gordon is mentioned by the President in his keynote speech. Something those in the U.S. may not know is that Groundwork USA was modeled on the Groundwork UK model, and works with a very similar approach to that of Groundwork Northern Ireland, in 20 communities here in the United States!

GWUSA in the news – as site visits for potential new Trusts begin

May 10th, 2013

Kate O’Brien of GWUSA and Doug Evans of NPS conducted a site visit in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, one of the communities selected for evaluation to become a new Groundwork Trust. The local newspaper covered their visit – read about it here! GWUSA staff, along with NPS staff, are currently visiting the eight communities selected this year for evaluation (including Lewiston-Auburn) – in New Bedford-Fall River, MA; Atlanta, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Chattanooga, TN; Los Angeles, CA; Indianapolis, IN; and Detroit, MI.

Groundwork Model Featured in New Policy Report on Sustainable Community Building

March 12th, 2013

Through the project and program work of Groundwork USA, this report examines the expanding roles and policy influence that community-based organizations play in developing the emergent model of sustainable community building.

Over the past decade, the Groundwork USA Network has established an impressive track record of projects yielding measurable outcomes in underserved neighborhoods. Serving as a new type of green community intermediary, the Groundwork Model connects revitalizations of the physical and social environments by engaging local residents in the ecological stewardship of their neighborhoods.

Learn more about the policy implications of this sustainable community development approach in a new report from our partners at Center for Community Progress:

GWUSA Sustainable Community Building 2013

Through its “on the ground” work in diverse places across the country, the Groundwork Network has also accumulated practical policy and program insights, which are featured in a series of case studies accompanying the report. As these demonstrate, several Trusts have become experts at navigating the complexities of federal and state environmental regulations, local land development processes, and the art of civic engagement and coalition building in distressed neighborhoods. Explore the work of Groundwork Trusts across the country in the areas of brownfields, urban waters and equitable development:

GWUSA Case Study – Brownfields – Lawrence, MA

GWUSA Case Study – Brownfields – Buffalo, NY

GWUSA Case Study – Brownfields – Denver, CO

GWUSA Case Study – Equitable Devt – Somerville, MA

GWUSA Case Study – Equitable Devt – Lawrence, MA

GWUSA Case Study – Equitable Devt – Hudson Valley, NY

GWUSA Case Study – Urban Waters – Anacostia, Washington, DC

GWUSA Case Study – Urban Waters – San Diego, CA

GWUSA Case Study – Urban Waters – Milwaukee, WI

Groundwork Denver Catalogs Built Environment Best Practices

March 7th, 2013

Check out their 2013 report cataloging their findings on how to best tackle the built environment and make it more green – Built Environment Best Practices Guide 2013

GWUSA Co-Sponsors Brownfields 2013

November 1st, 2012

The Brownfields 2013 Conference is in Atlanta, Georgia this year, and Groundwork USA is a co-sponsor. It will be taking place from May 15 to 17 and many of our Groundwork Trusts will be attending.

Groundwork’s Urban Waters Stories

October 18th, 2012

Groundwork reports on its decade-long on-the-ground successes restoring urban waterways, and engaging youth in that work through job training activities, across the country:

Lessons Learned – Reclaiming Urban Waters

Youth and Urban Waters Work

GWUSA 2012 Conference Success

October 16th, 2012 GWUSA 2012 Conference Success

Thanks to all who attended our national conference in New York this year, and for your valuable contribution in making it such a fun and rewarding event. Beginning with the Funders Roundtable & Opening Banquet Dinner, the Tour of Groundwork Hudson Valley’s awesome projects throughout the City of Yonkers including the daylighted Saw Mill River and Park, the Lenoir Nature Preserve service project, the Clearwater sail on the Hudson River, the Science Barge reception, the Youth Summit and canoeing at Walkill National Wildlife Refuge, and the Final Assembly for Executive Directors, everything went fabulously, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Now to get to some work on the ground. And then we will meet again next year, in another exciting locale…to be decided soon!

Groundwork in Film

October 1st, 2012

Groundwork Anacostia’s anti-littering video is powerful and fun – check it out here!

Groundwork Dallas has released a new video documenting its work and plans for restoring the Great Trinity Forest.

Groundwork Lawrence’s projects and programs for 2013, in the City and community of Lawrence, can be seen here, in this informative and inspiring video.

Check out a really fun video about Groundwork Denver’s Green Team at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Groundwork in film, changing places changing lives in Denver and in the lower Hudson Valley in New York; see how Trusts across the country are restoring waterways for communities in Buffalo, Yonkers, and Denver, and Groundwork Lawrence at work in Lawrence, MA.

Denver Builds A Better Block

Groundwork Hudson Valley

Urban Waters Voices

GW Lawrence in the Community

Groundwork at Yellowstone

August 28th, 2012 Groundwork at Yellowstone

Green Team youth from Denver, Yonkers, Bridgeport, San Diego and Washington, DC, are at Yellowstone National Park this week! They have been installing tons of bear boxes, learning about the history of Yellowstone Park and enjoying being out in the open space with colleagues. Check out some fun pics here.