GWUSA is Hiring!

July 24th, 2015

GWUSA is seeking to hire a Manager of Network Development and Communications! Check out this cool job in this posting here, and please note that the deadline for application is August 24, 2015: Groundwork USA Manager of Network Development and Communications 7 23 15

Technical Assistance from NPS/RTCA Available for Groundwork Trusts!

June 19th, 2015

Ever want to know how to start that greenway project, or do you dream of how a bike trail or water trail might be located along the river in your urban community? The National Park Services’ Rivers, Trails, Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program is accepting applications through August 1, 2015 to provide technical assistance to get you going. RTCA does not offer grants, but assists with planning, finding resources, building partnerships, engaging neighbors and implementing ideas to help you achieve your project. Their help has been absolutely key in many, many communities!

For Information on Applying, click here on the National Park Service website link.

A webinar about the program was conducted by NPS/RTCA staff last year for the Urban Waters Learning Network.


For more info, you can also contact:

Ann-Marie Mitroff, Groundwork USA, annmarie [at]

Diana Toledo, River Network, dtoledo [at]

Co-coordinators, Urban Waters Learning Network


Groundwork Jacksonville Plans to Connect Trails into a Greenway

June 15th, 2015

Groundwork Jacksonville and the City of Jacksonville are in the process of proposing a project that will connect several parks in the area into a larger greenway. It will end up connecting the north side of the Hogan’s Creek Greenway to the S-Line Rail Trail. On June 1st, the City put their heads together with GWJ, the American Society for Landscape Architects and community members in a charrette format to discuss the project. This is the first major project that Groundwork Jacksonville, one of the newest Groundwork Trusts, is conducting.

Some of the low-hanging fruit that executive director Dawn Emerick and some community members found through the community forum included connecting existing trails on the small-scale, putting together a tree planting program and strategy and maintaining existing trails.

To read more, check out articles from News WJCT, and the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Groundwork Richmond CA launches design process for Unity Park

June 15th, 2015

Groundwork Richmond, community planners and leaders gathered on June 14 to discuss the new Unity Park. The organizers invited community members to weigh in on the park design and recreation structures they would like to see in the park. The park will become a part of the Richmond Greenway.

To view the Friends of Richmond Greenway and Groundwork Richmond CA’s promotional video for Unity Park, click here.

New Groundwork Trust Launched in Indianapolis, FIRST ED Being Hired

May 22nd, 2015

We are so excited to announce the addition of Groundwork Indianapolis (or Groundwork Indy, as they seem to like calling it!) to our growing network of Trusts across the country. GW Indy is the 21st Trust in our network and we congratulate and welcome them.

Please see the job announcement for their first ED, and note that the deadline is June 12, 2015. GWIndy ED Position Announcement (final)[1]

GWUSA Elects New Board Chair and Two New Board Members

May 22nd, 2015 GWUSA Elects New Board Chair and Two New Board Members

We are thrilled to announce Mickey Fearn‘s appointment as Groundwork USA Board Chair! He is currently Professor of Practice at North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, and is the former Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance at the National Park Service (NPS) where he worked to increase the participation of currently underrepresented groups in our parks.

Mickey Fearn has been a public servant for over 43 years. Before joining NPS, Mickey was at Seattle Parks and Recreation, developing and implementing programs to connect urban youth to the natural world while promoting personal responsibility and healthy lifestyles. In Seattle, he also managed the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative and worked on a range of successful community renewal programs as director of the City’s Innovation Project and the Neighborhood Leadership Program. At NCSU, in addition to teaching classes, Mickey Fearn works with the College of Natural Resources’ (CNR’s) Community for Diversity in Natural Resources to address its challenges regarding diversity and inclusion and engaging in cross-campus diversity activities. He is also working with local government and non-profits to engage communities of color in ecology and environmental activities, and connecting federal agencies to the important research and work that CNR is doing.

Mickey takes over the leadership role from Maggie Super-Church who has successfully guided Groundwork USA’s growth over the last few years. We are happy to announce that she will remain on the board despite her busy schedule!

We are also excited to announce the appointment of two new board members – Stacey Triplett and Ashley Perez.

Stacey_TriplettStacey Triplett currently serves as Metro’s Senior Managing Analyst in the Sustainability Center. She has more than ten years experience with the regional government of the greater Portland metropolitan area. Her past work at Metro includes creation of an interdisciplinary team for urban habitat protection as well as start-up of organization-wide strategic initiatives. She led Intertwine Alliance efforts in the conservation education community focused on service to educational program providers with a focus on environmental literacy of residents.

Stacey is a part-time faculty member at Portland Community College’s Southeast Center, teaching political science. She is also a community educa
tor with Portland Housing Center teaching a culturally responsive financial fitness curriculum. Her past professional contributions focused on workplace health and safety, public transportation, public water and sewer system improvements and inventive recycling technology creation.

Ashley Perez grew up in Yonkers, NY, where she started as a Green Team member in the summer of 2010 with Groundwork Hudson Valley (GWHV), participating in her first ever nature outing of any sorts. Blown away by the experience, she decided to come back for a second summer and every summer after until she was too old to be on the Green Team (which is for high-school youth age 14 to 18 years). Ashley has participated in just about every program GWHV has had – the farmers’ market, the science barge, the green team, after-school programs, and loved everything that she did. Since then Ashley has participated in programs with NPS and the Student Conservation Association all over the U.S., rooted by her interest in diversifying the conservation movement. She is attending SUNY Purchase College, and studies Environmental Studies with a concentration in Ecology. With hopes of graduating soon, she would like to go into the world of research and use her discoveries to help expose the next generation of stewards to their public lands!

Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

GW Denver Featured in US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Urban Outreach Video!

May 12th, 2015

Groundwork Denver‘s staff and Green Team youth are featured in this cool U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service video promoting its focus on increasing urban and metropolitan communities’ access to national wildlife refuges!

GWUSA ED Joins Groundwork Team on Selma March

March 24th, 2015 GWUSA ED Joins Groundwork Team on Selma March

And here is Groundwork USA Executive Director Steve Burrington, who joined GW youth leaders for day three of the 50th Anniversary Selma to Montgomery March at Wright Chapel AME Zion Church along Route 80!

The National Park Service’s “Walking Classroom” commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery civil rights march completed over 25 miles since starting on March 21st. After hearing from rangers in the morning, some Groundwork youth leaders met other foot soldiers who still reside in Lowndes County, AL and came to the programs for the public. Elias Seaborn is a former superintendent of schools in Selma and in 1965, he was a first year teacher and bus driver who saw the whole movement.

And here are Rani Jacobson’s (our NPS/GWUSA Fellow this year!) thoughtful observations based on her experience with the Walking Classroom: Blog3_GWUSASelma.

Welcome to the Groundwork USA Brownfields Technical Assistance Program & EJ/Equitable Development Community of Practice!

March 23rd, 2015 Welcome to the Groundwork USA Brownfields Technical Assistance Program & EJ/Equitable Development Community of Practice!

Last fall, Groundwork USA received a five-year grant from EPA to implement a Brownfields Technical Assistance (TA) Program, designed to help communities integrate environmental justice and equitable development best practices into their brownfields redevelopment planning.

Through our TA program, like-minded communities and practitioners across the country can join others in a community of practice where they can receive peer support, access to tools, workshops, networking opportunities and thought partners, and direct technical assistance.

Click here to learn more about the GWUSA Brownfields TA Program & Community of Practice and for more information on how to access our Technical Assistance program, and how to join our Community of Practice.

Day 3 of Selma March

March 23rd, 2015 Day 3 of Selma March

Escorted by National Park Service rangers and Alabama State Troopers, participants continue their walk along Route 80.

After completing 12.7 miles today, the Groundwork-NPS team has covered a ton of ground – literally and figuratively – when it comes to the Selma to Montgomery March. Along the way, both rangers and Walking Classroom participants sang key songs of the Civil Rights Movement. At the evening program, another foot soldier of the civil rights movement spoke today, Dr. Bernard Lafayette, who told many of the stories of the whole civil rights movement and the role of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.