GWUSA Urges DOI and “Let’s Move” to Prioritize LWCF Dollars for New Parks

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) protects valuable parks and public lands and creates outdoor recreation opportunities for families across the country. LWCF also provides matching grants to local communities (many of which are Groundwork communities) looking to combat childhood obesity by increasing the number of safe places for kid to walk and play outside. These matching grants can be used to build playgrounds, ball fields, bike paths and other quality outdoor recreation opportunities that are close to home, open to the public and accessible to all.

Unfortunately, although hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties are paid into LWCF each year by energy companies drilling for gas and oil off-shore, Congress diverts nearly all of this money to other purposes, dramatically impacting efforts to build safe places for kids to get outside.

Groundwork USA has signed a letter to the First Lady and Interior Secretary Jewell asking them to make LWCF a priority of the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative. We want both of these leaders to urge Congress to fully and permanently fund LWCF because it’s a valuable resource for communities to use in creating better access to the great outdoors, and in the fight against childhood obesity.

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